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CrossBorderWorks is the Los Angeles based consultancy and advisory firm of Vickie Nauman, who manages a portfolio of forward-thinking digital media and technology companies.​​

Statement from the Founder

I built this respected consultancy on a simple philosophy:


I draw upon my direct experience developing partnerships, licensing diverse music models, building music products, and managing rights/data to help companies find a clear lane, solid strategy and great partners


I share with clients my unique knowledge base of industry players, market dynamics and an insider's view of the global landscape 


I leverage a worldwide network in music and tech, and only work with companies I personally believe in


Working with experienced pros in music will help save you time, money and headaches. 

CrossBorderWorks can spin up projects and initiatives, act in a longer-term advisor capacity, or simply provide company guidance. Core business activities -

Advisory Work:

  • Strategic advisor on new initiatives and new lines of business

  • Strategic advisor in M&A, growth and corp dev 

  • Start up advisor and mentor

  • Opening doors, providing insights and steering

  • and yes, fixing problems 

Music Products: 

  • Create IP of unique Music Licensing Model for your business

  • New product or experience development — from hardware integration to streaming 

  • APIs, platforms and music rights tech stack— build vs partner to leverage/evaluate service providers

Consulting Projects:

  • Partnership development in music, tech & finance

  • Music licensing and deal closure

  • Entry into US market or territory expansion 

  • Music rights and relationship strategy 

  • Experienced and reputable pro to augment your team 

Music sometimes takes a village - CrossBorderWorks can bring in trusted product, partner and specialty outside legal counsel  

Strategic Priorities

Getting Everyone Paid - building better pipes, systems, global money and data flow, and business/revenue models


New Experiences - using technology to deliver new artist/fan music experiences in games, VR/AR and immersive events to future digital forms, solidly rooted in shared culture


Innovative Products - integrating music elegantly into devices, in homes, and our connected lives  




Partner and client portfolio:

Clients include Q&A, Downtown Music Group, Beat Saber/Oculus/FB, 23 Capital, SoundExchange, Mixcloud, Tencent Africa, Spotify, Bose.  For most current client list, see LinkedIn for Founder Vickie Nauman

Partners include major and indie music labels, publishers, data providers, rights administrators, and digital service providers


My 30,000 Foot View

I am honored to work with a fascinating mix of companies in my consultancy, act as a translator between music and tech sectors, and serve as advisor to startups. 


When I tried the first Napster in 1999 on my 14.4 modem, I knew that the world of entertainment had just changed forever.  It also sparked what has become an 19-year (and running) digital odyssey to understand this multi-dimensional digital puzzle and all sides of the industry landscape.       

This quest spanned joining the product team of one of the first legal music services called MusicNet, a JV between RealNetworks and the major labels; building KEXP’s early DMCA-compliant service and producing live broad/web cast events; doing music business in China and MBA studies at the London School of Economics; working in device manufacturer Sonos; starting up and leading the US business for UK platform 7digital; and avidly enjoying music. 

The ease of digital has put all the world’s music, film, and information into consumers’ hands. Revenue models and user experiences continue to evolve, but we are in the midst of a revolution whose peak is not yet in sight. 


The year 2015 marked an industry turning point with consumer adoption of paid models, but very soon thereafter was the harsh realization that much more modern systems and practices were required to support the success.  We need infrastructure that will enable artists to create and capture the value of their global fan bases, as well as efficiently process data in a machine-to-machine world.  

Music has been the canary in the digital coalmine, and I want to impart my knowledge, experience, and global network to smart companies who are seeking new ways of bringing great digital entertainment to consumers around the globe. 

                                                        - Vickie Nauman



The global music industry has a dynamic of all parts moving at the same time, which makes it very difficult to keep pace.  


Nauman frequently speaks and debates on panels about rights, data, transparency and digital music trends, as well as gives talks at universities and companies.  


These discussions serve not only as a way of fostering public dialogue about hot topics and ongoing challenges, but also as a means of educating the next generation. 

A few highlights: 

  • SXSW Austin TX (2005-19) - innovation, connected devices, blockchain, rights tech, wearables, next gen UX, music culture, music in China, HQ audio

  • Music Finance Forum (2019-20) - trends, buying/selling catalogs

  • Who Knew Nashville (2018) and Smartest People in the Room (2020)

  • Midem Cannes France (2016, 2020) - trends in music/tech, startups

  • NY:LON/Music Ally NYC/London (2017-19) - investment, models, platforms 

  • Music Tectonics (2019-20) - value of music, rights

  • US Patent Office Summit DC (2018-19) - rights, data, copyright law

  • MusicBiz Nashville (2012-2020) - rights, licensing, new models

  • Rights Tech/Digital Ent. Week (2016-20) - blockchain, metadata

  • Ad:Tech Summit Tel Aviv (2014) - music trends

  • US Copyright Office Roundtables LA/DC (2014) - copyright law reform

  • CES Las Vegas (2012,14) - HQ audio, connected devices

  • Eurosonic Netherlands (2014) - artist royalties

Speaking in Nashville at Who Knew  
 credit:  Jeff Fasano Photography



Frequent source for entertainment reporters to provide context around industry movements, including these selected features:


Vickie Nauman  Opinion Writing


Co-Existing Ecosystems and Music 3.0 (2018) - our emerging industry appears to be artist led 


Sustainability in Music (2017) - melding the old and the new to create a more modern industry


Reimagining the Music Business (2016) - a case for moving beyond data silos, flawed norms, and music/tech gaps



Please get in touch with CrossBorderWorks and let us know what you are working on!

For a current client list, please see LinkedIn for Founder Vickie Nauman

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